Eton Manor was represented by no less than 13 members at the 2022 London Marathon. Several cheer squads were on the route to support our runners. And didn’t they all do well! Some fantastic debut performances, and a couple of new PBs as well. UTM!

Sam Anderson 2.55.59
John Black 3.43.30
Liz Haigh 3.42.23
Jack Henson 2.41.28
Jenny Heymann 3.09.37
Colm McCrory 4.04.03
Jane Rukin-White 3.32.31
Mala Singh 4.23.55
Rob Sommerville 5.26.41
Ellie Starr 3.38.59
Claire Taylor 4.35.39
Kate Thompson 3.20.38
Dylan Williams 3.20.42
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