Tom and Joan retired from their official (and numerous unofficial) roles. As Rachel stated at the AGM – they have done an enormous amount for the club over many years and we are very grateful to them both. Fortunately they have not abandoned us altogether and we still continue to see them at club events and in The Hare & Hounds 

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Thank you to Alison for all of her hard work in editing The Reporter for the last few years. She has passed her mantle to me and I hope to continue in her footsteps (pun not intended!)
This edition contains results from the Assembly and Elvis leagues, where several Manorites won prizes. Tom has also written a history of the Assembly League which celebrated its fortieth anniversary this year as well as continuing with his pen portraits.

Hello Manorites and welcome to the latest issue of your Reporter. In this issue you’ll find all your Chingford League results and reports of other cross country events that the club took part in. This was the muddiest cross country season for very many years!

You’ll see that it has been a busy season with Assembly League races and Elvis League ones too. Well done to everyone who has turned up to race for the club in all of the races. I’ve heard people saying as we gather in our blue and white stripes that they’re very impressed by the numbers of Manorites who turn out for races. It’s generally recognized that we “punch above our weight”. So well done to all and let’s keep increasing those numbers during the winter crosscountry season.

Welcome to the 2nd edition of The Reporter covering our centenary year. It’s been a tremendous year, full of races, dinners, quizzes and social events. All of this celebrating didn’t happen by chance, and in this issue you will see behind the scenes in the planning and execution of the Centenary Programme as Louise Vacher gives us an account of the work of the Centenary Committee and Steve Adams lets us into the secrets of organising a Centenary event.