As part of our Thursday evening tempo sessions, we hold a 5K or 5 Mile time trial once every eight weeks.

Usually using our two handicap routes – Jubilee Park 5K in the winter and Hackney Marshes 5 Mile in the summer – we run the time trial after a warm up, meeting at the clubhouse.

Club volunteers manage timing and marshal the route. Results are shared on the website and on the Facebook Member’s Group as soon as possible after the session.

Thursday 22 April 2021

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Meet and register at from 7.00pm and before 7.20pm at The Clubhouse, 3 Marsh Lane, Leyton Jubilee Park, E10 7BL. Maintain social distancing by meeting on the showground grass area next to the carpark.

Please don’t be late. This schedule is strict to ensure everyone’s safety and to enable smooth organisation.

Leaders will organise groups of six, roughly based on estimated pace. Once groups are formed, use the park to warm up – but stay in your groups.

Return to the meeting area by 7.40pm to be sent one group at a time to the start area. At the start, groups will be asked to form in rows using the full width of the road ready to start.

View the time trial route here amended from the usual route due to a closed footpath. Once you’ve finished, continue with your recovery by moving through the finish line on to Church Road, and completing one or more loops of the cool down route.

Once everyone is finished at or before 8.20pm, the leaders will close the session and results (and possibly some photos) will be shared on Friday, or as soon as possible.

At-a-glance Schedule

7.00pm – 7.20pmArrivals and registering
7.20pm – 7.30pmBriefing and forming of groups based on pace
7.30pm – 7.40pmWarm up in groups
7.40pm – 7.45pmMove to start area
7.45pmTime trial starts
Cool down loop via Feel Good Too / Ive Farm /
Dagenham Brook / Marsh Lane
8.20pmTime trial closes
8.30pmSession ended, clear of park / clubhouse

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