The 2021 Autumn marathon season saw a long-awaited return to in-person racing. The club had representatives at events in Brighton, Berlin, London, Chester, Manchester, Yorkshire and Paris. Spectating was discouraged at the 2021 London Marathon, but one or two intrepid supporters made it down to the famous course to cheer on our runners. Finishing times were as follows:

Sam Anderson2:54:30
John Black3:28:30
Simon Cottle2:48:03
Naomi Dews3:39:18
Gail Hennessy3:55:18
Colm McCrory3:53:58
Aaron Plummer6:13:08
Sharron Rooney4:29:28
Louise Vacher3:56:22

Sharron did a brilliant job running for her brother Liam, whilst Colm ran with a slight injury after running Berlin just a week before. Elite Manorite Sam had also been injured and didn’t seem to have done any discernable training, but ran sub-3 with negative splits and looked like he was just out for a jog. Naomi made 3.39 look very easy, while John ran 3.28 and made everyone look forward to reaching their 60s (when you get really really good). Other formidable vets Louise and Gail both won prizes for looking cheerful while running. Aaron was once again raising money for Mencap. Our fastest Manorite of the day was Simon with a glorious PB and splits that will make your heart sing. A special mention for Steph Rashbrook who was an official tailwalker. You were all amazing!

(Thanks Gigi Giannella for the pic!)

At Manchester we were elated to see young George complete his first marathon, showing true Manor spirit in bouncing back from a DNF at Brighton just a month before – we are all very proud of you George! Other first-time marathoners were Richard and Christina (apparently a Nutella bagel before bed is the key to her success). Pippa came an amazing 9th in her category, looking strong at Mile 25 surrounded by men less than half her age. Very special congratulations to Louise who ran a PB of somewhere in the region of 75 minutes. Nobody knew Jerome was running because he is very modest, but he came home in under 3.30 off not much training. Sarah has been injured but did a great run with highly professional pacing. Jane ran a 16-minute PB, and very kindly inspired the reporting on this very page. Everyone’s favourite Manorite Janine forgot to do any training, took a very philosophical view (“I just wanted to finish”) and then pulled off a very respectable time – we like your style, Janine. Fastest Manorite at Manchester was James, with a very well-deserved sub-3. Times as follows:

Sarah Carey3:47:16
Pippa Dowswell3:47:59
Janine Durrant4:17:27
George Fernandez3:23:51
Jerome Francis3:28:43
Christina Long3:59:28
Jane Pannell3:37:18
James Pilch2:57:14
Richard Seddon4:28:24
Louise Taylor4:14:23

At Chester, Jenny Heymann ran a huge PB of 3:11:25 to come home 5th lady, all that lockdown training paid off big time! In Paris, Jane Rukin-White ran her first post-pregnancy marathon and almost equalled her lifetime PB with a fantastic 3:33:43. Sam Jackson powered to 2:59:11 at the Yorkshire marathon, and was overjoyed to make it official, having run an unofficial sub-3 during lockdown. Yorkshire was the first marathon for Corrie Monaghan, who put her training to great use, finishing in 4:12:09. Kate Daly also ran her first marathon, completing the Newport event in 4:07:41. And finally, honourable mentions to David Cato, who didn’t have a place at an official event, but ran 105.5 laps of Waltham Forest track to complete the marathon distance in 3:15:29; and to Maud Hodson who showed astonishing endurance by completing the Phoenix 10in10 – ten full marathons on ten consecutive days!

All in all a thoroughly successful season, but we think this shot of George & Aaron sums it up best. UTM!

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